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"We're in a war ladies and we've got to win!"

SWINGTIME CANTEEN, the "Star Spangled Musical Hit", enjoyed over 300 performances Off Broadway before beginning a London production. It has since become a staple of musical theatres across the country. The show takes its inspiration from the films and personalties that helped to define the national consciousness know as "the war effort". As we approach the millennium, SWINGTIME CANTEEN fondly looks back to a time universally heralded as Americas finest hour.

photo by B.T. Whitehill

After 17 years with MGM, still-glamorous movie legend Marian Ames has endured four flop films in a row and is being put out to pasture. But this is 1944 and no time for self pity. So Marian has gathered up her instrument playing gal pals from the Hollywood Canteen and headed for London to entertain the troops. Joining her are Jo Sterling, (her drum playing stand-in on 17 pictures), her skittish niece Katie Gammersflugel, solid as a rock piano playing riveter Topeka Abotelli and leggy chorine Lilly McBain. Get ready for the rip-roaringest canteen show of them all as these five archetypal film characters from the 1940's prove their mettle while they sing over 30 vintage classics from the war years. Not your standard nostalgia-fest, Gannet papers calls the show "A musical frolic with true camp flavor" while Time Magazine hails it as, "A Wowser! An evocative balancing act of music and comedy, parody and sentiment. They make the good war sound great!." Laughs, tears, emotional fireworks, air raids and a celebration of women during the war punctuate this hilarious and heart warming story. Songs include: Don't Fence Me In, I'll Be Seeing You, Sing Sing Sing, How High the Moon, I Don't Want to Walk without You, A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square, Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive, Sentimental Journey, Apple Blossom Time, a fast paced, 12-song Andrews Sisters medley and many more. "You'll love it...an exuberant excursion back to the days of WWII. War may be hell, but at Swingtime Canteen it's still a lot of fun." -New York Times. "You'll like it enormously! I enjoyed every minute of it."-The (London) Sunday Telegraph. "Irresistible! A terrific night out!" -Liz Smith. Extraordinary! I haven't laughed so hard in my life. Go see it!" -Robin Leach.

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